Monday, June 30, 2008

Visiting Etiquette by Ella

Summer is the time when thousands flock to towns, villages, cities, so many different places to visit families, friends, or just to go. We're going on an adventure ourselves down to visit the breathtaking town of Homer this weekend. We've never been and I hope I'll remember these few etiquette tips while we're down there. Let it be known, we're not visiting anybody, we're gonna camp out (weather permitting).
1. Let whoever you're visiting know way ahead of time that you're coming (a week at least would be nice) There have been times when I'd get a knock on my door and opened the door to people I hadn't seen for years saying, we're here! with a weeks worth of luggage and 5 other people I don't know with them. Its nice to see people, but not when they're expecting you to house and feed them for longer than a couple of days.
2. Don't call from the airport that you're here and need a place to stay.
3. Help out -- whether it be picking up groceries, taking the trash out, or just picking up after yourself.
4. Don't expect to be driven around wherever your whim is to go that day.
5. Pay for gas, we're going out of our way to accomodate you, and its not "nice" to ask you to help pay for some expenses, but please ask if you can help pay, your answer will most likely be "Thank you very much!"
6. Help out in the kitchen ~~ you're an extra mouth to feed, help do the dishes pleeeeaaasseee!
7. I have children, if you buy treats (chips, candy, etc) buy enough for everybody, it'll make my life so much easier.
8. Please don't rearrange my kitchen arrangement, its that way for a reason.
9. Please don't wake up very early and wake everybody else up (esp on a weekend) and please don't shush my kids, I'll shush you back.
10. Reciprocate the favor to people who have welcomed you to their home.

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