Saturday, June 7, 2008

No no no!

A big fat "No" ... the worst word my kids hate to hear, and probably most everybody. What a disappointing word when you think about it. I say it and dislike it when its said to me.
So, when can a big fat NO, be turned into a positive? Examples follow:
1. From a trooper: Would you like a ticket? (A big fat) NO!
2. From the sky: Rain today with stormy, gloomy weather? Another big fat NO!
3. From a mosquito: Should I insert my proboscis and make your skin itch like there's no tomorrow? NO
4. Our darn dachsund Duke: Poop inside because I'm too dachsundy to poop outside? Disgustingly NO
5. Computer: Act quirky and refuse to do what you want me to do? NO NO NO!

Lastly, do you think my writing is boring? Hopefully a BIG FAT NO.

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