Saturday, November 10, 2007


My son Jeffrey - in advance, my kids aren't allowed to hit anybody, but this is how it goes. He says this all in one sentence without me getting a chance to respond till the end: "Mom, can I please watch Polar Express? If you say no, I'm going to hit you, if you say later, I'm going to hit you later, but if you say yes, I'm not going to hit you." (Big smile) The answer was, "After you brush your teeth."

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Pilot Bread

There's an article in the Anchorage paper about the rumored discontinuing of this wonderful invention of one of Alaska's staple food. Article says Alaska buys 98% of their stock! You can read the article here. Being Alaskan, I grew up on this flat circle oversized cracker. Ate it with butter spread on top, with whatever jam was available, put cheese on top and microwaved it to melt the cheese. I still eat it for breakfast with peanut butter and raspberry jam, piled high with chicken or tuna salad and with any soup. Growing up, we'd put it in a saucer and then let it "melt" with hot tea, sprinkle sugar and top and eat it with a spoon. Yum!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

To Friends

To my friends, thank you for laughing with me on the funnier sides of life, and sharing my sorrow when it came to be. Thank you for sticking with me when things weren't so great. But most of all, for loving me, no matter what, because thats what friends do. I thank you for being there and considered me your friend too.

Friday, November 2, 2007

How Bizarre

So, one day, we were traveling back from visiting my mother and we happened to have a long lay over in a town between where she lives and where we live. Not wanting to spend the whole day at the air terminal, I decided we'd visit with friends that live there. After a short, uneventful ride from the airport we got settled, after saying hello and all those niceties. Our host put in a movie for the kids to watch (she had two of her own). She also had an array of other folks visiting/living with her, typical of households in the area, and not bizarre. So, one of the kids there was wearing an interesting outfit. It was a camoflauge pattern, but not the same design as military uniforms and it looked vaguely familiar to me. I thought nothing of it at first until he took his jacket off. His arms were covered in black, so I asked, Why are your arms so dirty? His reply was "Oh, its just from the jacket" Upon closer inspection with my keen, ever inspecting eyes, I found he was wearing a chemical warfare suit! The whole sha-bang with the charcoal lined jacket and pants! I was astounded, thinking, where would they have gotten a chem suit and why? So I asked his mother, "Why is So-and-So wearing a chem warfare suit?" His mother informed me in a nonchalant manner that her friend had bought it for him and he was wearing it as everyday wear. So I started chuckling and thought, who woulda thunk? How bizarre. But it doesn't end there.

So after having coffee and a few snacks, one of the ladies got the craving to have a few puffs of those cancer sticks. She asked one of her boys to give her her bag, and out came a cigarette making machine! She proceeded to fill the box with loose tobacco, and inserted a stick, just like the picture shows and cranked the handle to create the cancer stick! How bizarre!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

I am an avid reader of all books, I enjoy the outdoors, I love learning, I get annoyed over not so important things, I like the smell of rubber, as in walking through the bicycle aisle at Walmart or the tire section. As weird as it may seem, the few times I go there a month, when I walk through those sliding doors and past those cheery elderly greeters, I can't leave the store without walking through the bicycle and tire section just to take in the smell of the wonderful scent. To be honest, I can't even remember when I realized I liked the smell of it. And now that I think about it, I've never met anybody who shares this weirdness. And to let you know, L's really not the word, should be E, but my name kinda sounds like L, since its an El kind of name. So, the L kind of words that would apply to me, I think, would be: learning, laughing, lively, or lucid to name a few (in my own selfish opinion), but not: languid, lame, or livid.

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