Friday, November 2, 2007

How Bizarre

So, one day, we were traveling back from visiting my mother and we happened to have a long lay over in a town between where she lives and where we live. Not wanting to spend the whole day at the air terminal, I decided we'd visit with friends that live there. After a short, uneventful ride from the airport we got settled, after saying hello and all those niceties. Our host put in a movie for the kids to watch (she had two of her own). She also had an array of other folks visiting/living with her, typical of households in the area, and not bizarre. So, one of the kids there was wearing an interesting outfit. It was a camoflauge pattern, but not the same design as military uniforms and it looked vaguely familiar to me. I thought nothing of it at first until he took his jacket off. His arms were covered in black, so I asked, Why are your arms so dirty? His reply was "Oh, its just from the jacket" Upon closer inspection with my keen, ever inspecting eyes, I found he was wearing a chemical warfare suit! The whole sha-bang with the charcoal lined jacket and pants! I was astounded, thinking, where would they have gotten a chem suit and why? So I asked his mother, "Why is So-and-So wearing a chem warfare suit?" His mother informed me in a nonchalant manner that her friend had bought it for him and he was wearing it as everyday wear. So I started chuckling and thought, who woulda thunk? How bizarre. But it doesn't end there.

So after having coffee and a few snacks, one of the ladies got the craving to have a few puffs of those cancer sticks. She asked one of her boys to give her her bag, and out came a cigarette making machine! She proceeded to fill the box with loose tobacco, and inserted a stick, just like the picture shows and cranked the handle to create the cancer stick! How bizarre!

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