Thursday, November 1, 2007

I am an avid reader of all books, I enjoy the outdoors, I love learning, I get annoyed over not so important things, I like the smell of rubber, as in walking through the bicycle aisle at Walmart or the tire section. As weird as it may seem, the few times I go there a month, when I walk through those sliding doors and past those cheery elderly greeters, I can't leave the store without walking through the bicycle and tire section just to take in the smell of the wonderful scent. To be honest, I can't even remember when I realized I liked the smell of it. And now that I think about it, I've never met anybody who shares this weirdness. And to let you know, L's really not the word, should be E, but my name kinda sounds like L, since its an El kind of name. So, the L kind of words that would apply to me, I think, would be: learning, laughing, lively, or lucid to name a few (in my own selfish opinion), but not: languid, lame, or livid.

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Nutty Haze said...

Hi L. I like that ... did u know my initials are HIL? Hi L.. lol. thought that was a funny coincidence. I love coincidences especially with people I know that are real. My family has a lot of number coincidences with my sister and her family. it's always a pleasure to find more with friends that have clear substances with no room for fakeness. Know what I mean? Yah, just thought I would comment u first. Later L.