Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Today is my husband's birthday. Happy Birthday Stevo! And today's letter is L which fits perfectly. I'm not going to be all mushy, but these are the top ten things I like about my LOVE, (since its his day, I'll dedicate this blog to him :))
1. I love my husband because he is considerate and an overall gentleman. He'll open the door for others and is hardly rude to anybody.
2. I love Stevo because he makes me laugh and just a glance to eachother can set us off with hysterical laughter.
3. I really like that he enjoys the same stuff as I do, fishing, reading, camping, and just being outdoors.
4. I like that he'll switch restaurant food orders with me if I think his food looks better than mine.
5. I love that he'll go take care of our outdoor dog when she's barking and keeping me awake at night.
6. He wakes up in the middle of a deep sleep when I wake up with a scary dream and holds me until I get too hot and moves away when I tell him to move away.
7. I love to hear his laugh that comes from deep in his belly and it makes me laugh just hearing it and most others around him.
8. He's a very good role model for our children and he has fun and cherishes each and every one of them.
9. I love that he's silly and kind of a goofy guy and very handsome at the same time.
10. I love Stephen because he's intelligent, witty, caring, and all of 43 years old today. I love you Stevo!

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