Saturday, June 14, 2008


Its been a long time since I had dreams where I felt like I could feel my "soul" being outside of my body. And this picture reminded me of that.

Paranormal to me means having experiences with other beings that are not visible to this world--or everyday things that we're used to.

I've never really had any encounters as to what we'd call ghosts but have had very weird things happen, but no real contact with another parallel side of life.

One weird thing that I have experienced was waking up in the middle of the night and hearing noises in the hallway and looking out my bedroom door and seeing my brother Oscar coming down the hallway. I thought nothing of it and started toward my bed. Turning around, I saw that Oscar was already sleeping in the other bed that was in my room (we used to have bunkbeds and had separated them because sleeping on top was too warm so close to the ceiling.) I woke him up and laid down next to him (with me by the wall) and hugged him to me trying to fall back asleep even if he complained that it was too hot.

I do have very confusing dreams too, especially if I take a nap during the day. I'll be aware of myself and then something weird will happen like people I know that aren't in my house are there, say like, anybody who I know is not normally in my house, and then I'll know I'm not totally awake. I could see what is around me, but can't wake myself up and I'll try so hard to try to even slightly move a finger because even the smallest movement will wake my body up. And I wake up very scared thinking I wouldn't be able to awake from the dream.

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Jennifer said...

eee... this one hits home. i'm always weirded out when in my dream, i feel as if i'm awake and i can't control my movements... i hate that.