Wednesday, June 25, 2008

S - Seven S's

S - Sophie I.C.U. - My friend whom I adore and share many sillinesses with. I've known her for many a year. (hehehe) I recall when she had a birthday party and people calling her "Crazy" in an endearing way--she might have been 4-5 yrs old. She probably said the word and people were saying that to her because it was so cute when she said it. And Crazy is what she is and so much fun. She lived with me and Kayla for a time and she is the best housemate anybody can have. I miss being with her, she lives 376 miles away from my house right now, raising two very cute boys, and visiting our hometown at the moment. She hopes to attend several "seal parties" while she's on her adventure to home, so you ladies in Kipnuk, hope you have some planned!

S - Sincerity, Its so wonderful when you meet people that are sincere from the very beginning. I hope I come off to people in that sense. When people say Thank you, or Have a great day, and you can see that they really mean it and see it in their eyes, really makes my day. I stopped at Fred Meyers in uniform one day, and a lady stopped me and said "Thank you for serving our country" and squeezed my arm. That small gesture made me feel spectacular, like a #1 person, it was really touching.

S - Sleep, precious sleep. Resting your body from the stresses of life. A resting period for your mind, your body, your soul ... I love my comfy bed that lulls me to sleep because its so comfy and soft. Cool sheets that seem to drop my body temp as soon as I lay on them and then warm to my body temp to get the flow of sleepiness going, but so hard to get out of when its a dreary day.

S - Serpents, yuck, I'm terrified of those, and those would be snakes. We're not accustomed to those reptiles (are they?) in the Northern Hemisphere where we live. I've seen them in the lakes of Oklahoma. Some would plop down to the water from the trees they were slithering from, and give me the biggest startle. I've seen a garter snake in the gardens of my mother-in-law and screamed away, and all she said was, oh its just a garter snake. I don't like slithering snakes.

S - Sisters, I only have one and thank God for that! hehehe. But sisters are wonderful (and I'm relieved that I am the older one). She's my friend, my confidante, I can count on her, I can be mad and ugly, but she forgives me because I'm her sister (I think).

S - Summers, our very short summers, but very long days. I love them. Days of mosquitoes, barbeques, swimming and rainbows. (I don't think I've ever seen a rainbow in the winter, snowbows?) I love the green of the grass and the trees, fishing, marshmallows, and having my skin turn darker. Colors outside are vibrant and full of life, I love summer.

S - Singing, and singing from the bottom of your heart and tummy. I enjoy exercising my vocal chords, esp with friends at karaoke. I've enjoyed singing at choir practice on Thursdays in Kipnuk requesting any song in the song book and 35 people would sing along and it would be so heart warming! Its most fun when its "Song Fest" time and so many people from other villages show up to the practice and have hundreds of people singing in harmony. Once during teen age service, I think it was on Tuesdays, Tim Samson volunteered people to go up and sing because nobody willingly would. I think it was me and Sofe that he "volun-told" to sing a song and we picked "This is my Father's world" and we sang it so beautifully. What a great memory!

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