Thursday, June 19, 2008


Qumliyuk: YUPIK (adv) ... a feeling of immense ridicule, contemptous derision, aggravation .....naam -- I can't explain it in English. These are thirteen things that have made me very qumliyuk.
  1. Obvious rudeness, say like, standing in line, and the person you're waiting for, knowing you were standing in line, says to the person next to/behind you, can I help you? Purposely ignoring that you were there already (Not mentioning places, ahemm..... some NP folks are like that --- rudies)
  2. Being a "new" person anywhere, and people double guessing everything you do just because you're "new" there.
  3. When you realize that people you think are mutually close friends with, aren't that close anyway.
  4. An adult being rude/mean/qumli to your kids for no reason other than just being rude/mean/qumli.
  5. People who think they're a higher priority in everything just because of who they think they are over others.
  6. Conversations that go on as if you weren't there to talk for yourself (i.e. my kids "Dad, how come mom says I can't sleep over at so and so's house?" while I am sitting there.)
  7. Our dog, Duke, just for being.
  8. Counting on someone and then they back off at the last minute.
  9. Driving down a long empty straight road and another driver tail gates when they could pass at any time.
  10. Trying to sleep and people seem to obviously make loud noises--talking loudly, laughing as loud as they could, clacking on a keyboard as hard as they could, slamming doors as hard as they could (or so it seems)
  11. Braggy people of every little thing.
  12. People who think they know everything.
  13. Ahhh, last one, save the best for last: I am qumliyuk of when you innocently ask a question because you don't know and somebody answers "Its common sense!" when its not, stupid b*tch, thanks for letting me feel like a total ignorant @ssh0le in front of everybody, and then smirking after that. I hope somebody makes you feel the way you made me feel someday to the most utterest degree.

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