Friday, May 23, 2008

I love, I hate

I love to eat: pasta, any kind, with shrimp, chicken or whatever's available. Chocolate, the expensive kind, or the ones my husband's brother sends us from Norway. I love to eat salt cured salmon with hot tea sharing with friends. I love to eat butter clams fresh from the sand bars, steamed, and with uquq.
I hate to eat: beets, peas, and chicken ala king, yecchhhhh ~~ I was forced to eat them at school when I was younger and hate them to this day.

I love to go: on vacation anywhere, because its time off from work and a little change of scenery is very refreshing. I love to go to the ocean because I love the open water.
I hate to go: to work on drill weekends. Twelve day work weeks suck butt.

I love it when: my kids come up to me and give me a hug and kiss and say they love me for no reason. I love it when I'm driving through town and all the street lights are green and I don't have to slow down. I love it when I'm the very first person in line at a busy store. I love it when anything I'm purchasing is on sale!
I hate it when: people are grumpy and take out their grumpiness on me even if I have no control of what their dilemma is. I hate it when I go to reach for a nice, thirst quenching Coke and there's none left. And I hate it when there's no toothpaste left in the tube.

I love to see: kids exuberant with joy. I love to see hot air balloons in a big blue sky. I love to see people helping other people out.
I hate to see: construction signs on the road. Trash anywhere, dog hair, dog poop, junk mail, and "closed" signs. I hate to see dirty dishes and unorganized tupperware.

I love to hear: a beautiful harmony, birds chirping, waves crashing onto the shore. I love to hear the voice of a friend on the phone that I hadn't heard from in while.
I hate to hear: incessant chatter, mad, upraised voices in anger, and busy signals on the phone. I hate to hear screeching of tires, and especially, outright lies. I hate to hear yelling.

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