Friday, May 9, 2008


E is for Ella. E-L-L-A, I'm named after my grandmother whom I never knew. My Dad's mother , who died when my Dad was about 5 years old --from Tuberculosis. She was an older sister of Lewis Samson, Lucy Martin, James "Bob "Samson and Katie Kashatok.
I hear she was beautiful, like most grandmothers would be. I imagine that she was gentle and loving and caring and all that grandmothers are.
She was a mother of only 2, Anna who now lives in Napakiak and my Dad who lived in Kipnuk and his name carries on with my brothers.
Growing up, her friends would call me her "pet names" .... Mom Samson would call me Taqtass' and her daughters call me that to this day. Nayuumiralria would call me "yuquq" (and I would hate that, and say to her, "Elpet yuquuguten" ) I use to dream of her after she died calling me that. Once I dreampt I was looking in a mirror and she was right behind me calling me that and I looked away and looked out the window and she was there again mouthing those words SOOOOO CREEEEPY!!!!
And Katie Kashatok calls me her Alaq after her and I love that.
Lucy Martin, I had a special name for her, I called her my Kukiiyaaq and wouldn't want anybody else to call her that. I don't know what it means, I had just started calling her that out of the blue and it was what my namesake used to call her. She has a special place in my heart.
If I could have known my grandmother, I know I would've loved her with all my heart. I would've cherished every moment that I would've spent with her.
I know that she lives on with me.
Her name is Acuruunaq, and I'm proud that I carry her name.

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