Friday, May 23, 2008

I can just see on my five year old's face, total honesty. When do we lose that look? I can tell when my 17 yr old daughter is not telling the truth because her cheeks turn red and her eyes are a different sheen. And my 8 yr old, she'll answer too quickly to the untruth when she's been in the wrong, but then she'll tell me later that she hadn't told the truth, and I knew all along.
I myself aren't totally honest all the live long day. To when somebody asks me, how are you? and the automatic answer is "Good" when sometimes its "Not so good".
I remember in 4th grade, I was sitting next to the door with Galecia Evan, our teacher asked me to go open the door when somebody was knocking, (it was a privilege then to get out of your seat) and Galecia went and opened the door instead and I got so mad at him and whacked him on the back with my arm. He cried and Mrs Cyr asked if I had hit him and I said "No" as innocently as I could, and other kids told her that I had, so I had to stay after school for not being honest. I was so embarrassed by my lie. And I wondered, if nobody saw, would I still have been embarrassed? Probably not.
Once I snuck out of the house in the summer time, and Mom woke up when I was walking in the door and I said I was getting something from the porch and I knew all along that she knew I wasn't telling the truth. It was enough to scare me not to do it again.
Thinking of history and happenings in the world, who killed OJ's wife? What really happened with Bill Clinton and Monica? And who killed JFK ..... I wonder...... if there was an honesty pill, how different our world would be.

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