Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Wikipedia says: Courage, also known as bravery, will and fortitude, is the ability to confront fear, pain, risk/danger, uncertainty, or intimidation.
I wonder if it means the same as "Capriteq" (Yupik) Cap = block? riteq = not having? (My poor attempt at breaking down words) I've been told I was capriteq, and sometimes the way its said to me is, kind of, in a bad way. Some people say it in a certain way where it makes me feel that I had done the wrong thing.
Joining the military took a lot of courage on my part, and so many people ask me how I was able to do that. Well, I had two choices, live off my parents in the village (with no running water to this VERY day), doing a dead end job, or create a life for myself and my daughter going to places I'd never dreamed of going and doing things I never imagined myself doing.
I've been to countries that I would have never been able to afford to visit, observed cultures so very different from mine, met a lot of kewl people and saw a lot of things I would have never been able to see stuck in a village 4 miles from the Bering Sea.
Some of the neat things I've been able to do, being COURAGEOUS have been: rode a bicycle to an island on a man made "trail" over the Atlantic ocean in Panama, went shopping in a gondola on a river market in Thailand, experienced a sand storm in the deserts of Saudi Arabia, rode the subway in Tokyo, shopped the street shops in Korea, and saw a magnificent sunset in Italy. If being "capriteq" is that, then:

My message to you my friend is: Be COURAGEOUS and do something different today!!! (If I did, so can you!)

**image from: www.womens-wellness.com

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