Tuesday, May 20, 2008



It’s that time of the season where scholars are donning the cap and gown and completing a chapter of their lives. How wonderful! I am proud of their accomplishments and hope that some day that I’ll be in those ranks.

Some of the days I remember about school are fond and I relive them once in a while, especially during this season. First day of kindergarten was one I’ll always remember. It was raining and us wearing our catalog ordered clothing waiting for the bell to ring so we can go into the school. I was holding my mother’s hand and we were standing in the porch of the old 3rd grade building, along with other eager children and their proud mothers. I remember Mr. Elliot being our teacher and how we’d be scared of him. One moment I remember was when he was trying to coax me to go over this huge jungle gym triangle and I was so terrified to throw my other leg over the top, but I did it – and Dora Dock was right behind me and she did it too because I was able to. I remember not knowing which boot to put on the correct foot and I was always asking Lois which one should go where. So many memories. Graduated from 8th grade at the church and I was wearing the dress Susan’s mother had made for me at Susan’s wedding – with my longest sleek hair wearing those barrettes. John Cyr and I had gotten these very nice ivory key chains with our names on them that Steven Mann had carved. The Cyr’s moved away that year and we went on to high school. How very nervous we’d be being in school with the older kids. We had Civics class with the seniors and we’d be so shy when it was our turn to read out of the textbooks. After 4 years, which seemed like forever, three of us walked down that aisle wearing our caps and gowns. It had been blizzardy and none of our guest speakers made it out to the village so they did a teleconference. And that year, they didn’t have a band class so we had to march down to recorded music. The next day after graduation, I got mono, yuck and was sick for 2 straight weeks right at the beginning of summer vacation.

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