Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Things I let bother me more than they should:

1. A busy signal on the phone line

2. Loud people demanding attention right now!

3. The dam% dog

4. Car fan blowing hot when I want cool air

5. Dirty tables at a restaurant

6. A cracked nail that snags on everything

7. Human/dog/whatever hair on unsuspecting peoples clothes (or do they know?)

8. Those individuals that can't make up their minds on simple things, like, if they want cheese on their burgers or not, or to have cream on their mochas ...

9. People who won't help themselves to make their lives better

10. Yucky looking hair cuts

11. Condescending attitudes by those who think they know it all

12. Those little things that the vaccuum won't pull out of the carpet

13. Burnt out light bulbs

14. When my car doesn't have all the mirrors and the drivers seat set to where I normally have them

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

12. Those things on the carpet that the vaccuum can't suck up (not exactly the right wording...) do you pick them up and then put them on the floor again to see if they'll go up the vaccuum????