Tuesday, December 30, 2008

30 Dec 2008

Well, another year has come and gone ... kids grew taller, a little more wiser, and me--another year older. In our little corner of the world, 2008 brought us:
  • a drivers license for Kayla and her 2005 Ford Taurus (that smells of nasturtiums, even with dousings of Febreeze)
  • back surgery for the dog, who without it would have been paralyzed from the backlegs and probably would have had to be put down (he's his old self now, his back legs can't keep up with him though)
  • an 86 pound halibut for Stevo! in beautiful Homer Alaska. It probably weighed more, it bled out a lot before we got it weighed. Big fishy!
  • Jeffrey started Kindergarten at North Pole Elementary and he loves it
  • Nagyuk D grew leaps and bounds and is in the 3rd grade and did so good in soccer
  • I went and worked for our Wing Commander for half a year (tomorrows my last day :( ...)
  • Our whole family spent a lot of time on our boat (and on the road) traveling to where we could take it out. Spent a few weekends in Viva Valdez and Memorial weekend in Ho ho ho Homer.
  • Jeffrey tried his hand at shaving and cut up his upper lip with Stephen's razor
  • Raven gave herself a little hair cut, it wasnt bad at all, maybe about 20 strands of her bangs - which is much better than her first attempt at 2 when she cut to the scalp on hairs on top of her head (more than a handful and very noticeable)
  • Sarah Palin ran for vice presidency and lost out
  • My truck's fuel pump gave out
  • Stephen got (shhhh, dont tell anybody, BIFOCALS)
  • Gas was at its highest at almost $5 in Fairbanks
  • Our dividends included an extra $1200 (exact amount $3269.00)
  • Christina graduated from highschool
  • Reached -40 on Dec 29 in North Pole and will stay cold and temps go even lower this week
  • Donna moved out of mom's and into her new place
  • Lenna had her beautiful baby girl Robin Leena
  • Jeffrey and I spent at week in Kipnuk and went clamming in the Bering Sea and berry picking in the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta

So many good memories to cherish -- another year for more memories ... Have the best one!

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