Monday, September 29, 2008

A Slave to the Clock

The race starts at 5:30, mostly 5:45 or maybe a little bit later when the snooze goes off for the third time or the showers in use before me...
Then its tarry and toil before 6:35 to make it on time.
I gotta shower or be sleepy, my face like sandpaper and feel yuck the whole time.
Search for lunch boxes and insert homework to where it didn't get put. Hurry up and heat water for life giving tea.
Where is my sock? Where is my hair clip--I'm gonna be late!
Buzz through the driveway, uh-oh where's my ID, I need it for work!
Get out of my way, drive on the right lane, I'm gonna be late!
Glance down at the clock its 6:54, I still have time ....
get to the gate and there's ten million people, there isn't a chance and then I remember, I set my clock fast a sigh of relief ... and over again, the very next day

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