Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I remember ....

(my dad ....)

- the quarters you'd send for Mom to dole out during the summers you went away fishing
- the tshirts and sweatshirts you'd bring back for us from your summer away
- my blue Snoopy watch I got one summer as a surprise
- the smell of the pancakes and the aroma of bacon before school on cold winter mornings
- the swish of your feet down our hallway at home to waken me up for breakfast
- I remember you and I watching the "Challenger" exploding
- the time you asked for my help to clear a river dam a beaver had built on the water we traveled
- your snore.... and I knew we were safe at home
- the bluegrass music you'd have on the staticky radio
- the flannel shirts that you liked to wear
- calling me Piip and then Ella, later in life
- helping me wash dishes, because I hated to so much
- your variety of groceries, so yummy they were
- the way you'd say 'kiagpaa' before sitting down to enjoy a meal at the table
- the times you, me and mom went to the early morning service on cold Easter mornings
- the concern in your eyes when you learned I was leaving our home
- hearing your voice so happy to hear me over the phone
....and most of all, I REMEMBER your warm, strong embrace to welcome me home

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