Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just for my friend Soph

To my friend Sofelia

.... we laughed, and we laughed hard and are still laughing

Top 10 things of laughs *of things that I've seen happen or happened to me

1. Walking so carefully in the ice, hands clenched inside gloves (and you could tell the fingers aren't in the finger parts of the gloves) and then slipping on your back super hard, like ice beneath you cracking hard, walking into church (Qussauyaq Kashatok)

2. In Sunday school when kids are gathered together, waiting for the leader to come up to the podium, two rows of kids on pews, Agnes Kugstun punches Ben Dock in the row behind us and says "We're supposed to love eachother when we're in church!"

3. Duutii "What you are you gonna eat when we have no more food?" when I didn't want to eat my Chicken Ala King from the good old Kipnuk High Cafteria lunchline, and she had eaten everything but the corn. "Ciin-mi tuakut nerenriciiki?"

4. Me and Sofe walking really fast into the dark road in Anchorage and I said "What if we run into a moose?"

5. At the famous Gaslight, Donna, Sophie and I looking around, Sofe says "Don, there's your boyfriend!" and the yucky guy came up to us three and asked Sophie to dance and we burst out laughing! Naklleng, poor guy ... Sofe, did you dance with him?

6. Leaving the Northway Mall by that bakery entrance "Did you see the big earholes on that guy?"

7. At the end of the church service, I said to Christine, "Atam Frank-aq" Frank Paul was up at the podium listening to whoever the guest speaker was with his mouth open, me and Chris were in the choir robes in the front rows and were supposed to be exiting right after Frank and couldn't stop giggling and Fannie John Amik was sitting next to us and joined in our laughter and couldn't stop laughing either!

8. In the middle of 'Bringing the Sheaves' the lights went out and everbody at church all of a sudden stopped singing. I was sitting next to Miisaq Amik and my mom and couldn't contain my laughter at the sudden stoppage.

9. My dad, exhaling away on the last of his cigarette in the woodstove as I hung up my coat on the wooden coat rack by the door. The coat rack fell from too much weight on one side, the long tip of it cut my dad's cigarette in half and he tataamallaked back while he held on to the other end of what was left of the cigarette!

10. After mopping my room with lots of soap, Donna dumped soapy water all over the stairs outside our house. The qerrun was full and Oscar had just had an appendectomy, Dad and both older brothers had left for fishing. Mom wanted to bring the qerrun down the stairs to make it easier for Donna and I to take the qerrun to the dumping site. The soap made the stairs really slick and Mom spilt the qerrun all over the stairs and was still sliding down the stairs while Aparlliq and Qak'aq were walking by doing their rounds after curfew and they asked "Qaill piceci?"


Anonymous said...

Quyana tanem engaumalua... had to read them a few times because I was laughing!!! IDR if I danced with that guy. LOL!!!


Anonymous said...

LOL!! and i cried after mom slipped down the stairs. maybe because my subconscious said that she would nunuq me LOL!!!!!