Tuesday, July 1, 2008


X words I know:

- The letter X - I made that once on a string, in first grade, when we were showing what we could make with a piece of string

- Xylophone - what a nice instrument to hear

- Xray - tooth xrays, (ouch) my mouth's always too small for those big awkward things they need for those and Kayla's had to have some taken on her elbow, oh and Jeff, when our neighbor's kid ran over him with his 4-wheeler

- Xavier - my friend Hazel's brother and a friend from Toksook

- Xenia, a name I've heard before, from the Bethel area, I think

- Xbox - Kay and Jeff like playing Halo and I like the game American Idol

- X- my kids say "You're a big X" and make the sign to me when they're not happy with me and then a circle, when they're happy or decide I'm not as bad as they think I was

- The X on tic tac toe, and nobody wants to be the X

- X marks the spot for treasures we'd like to find

- X the letter we'd try to find on Sears and Roebucks catalogs to bide our time when we didn't have TV

- XXX --- eww LOL

- X the mark people would sign because they don't know how to spell their names

XOXOXOXO - sealed on envelopes

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