Thursday, March 13, 2008

100 things about Me:

1. I love tea - any kind, but mostly Earl Grey and Plantation Mint
2. People who keep saying "Hah?" annoy me
3. My favorite smell is bike tire rubber
4. I’m scared to go on the Ferris wheel
5. I’m afraid of deep water
6. I get sea sick on big boats, but not the smaller ones
7. Rude and unfriendly people should keep their rudeness and unfriendliness
to themselves.
8. I believe in working smarter, not harder.
9. I enjoy country, pop and rock music.
10. Reading is one of my passions.
11. I love to sip Cafe Zinfandel
12. I can snap my toes
13. My worst fear is losing my kids and my husband
14. Scary dreams creep me out
15. Prime rib is my favorite meal
16. I’ve lived in Alaska and Oklahoma
17. I met my husband in a gas station (ha ha haaa!)
18. Fishing is one of my favorite past times
19. I enjoy watching The Price is Right, Dr Phil and House
20. One of the weirdest things I’ve eaten is fish eyeballs
21. I’ve been to Japan, Thailand, Panama, South Korea and Saudi Arabia
22. Stride Spearmint Gum is the best thing invented ever
23. I dislike cats
24. Karaoke is a lot of fun
25. I’ve been in the military for 13 years
26. I learned to ride a bike at 7 yrs old
27. I do not enjoy doing dishes
28. I’ve ridden a sea doo off the coast of Florida
29. My childhood best friend is Lenna White
30. I’ve driven from Anchorage to Oklahoma City with my sister and my
daughter and then OKC to Fairbanks with my family
31. I wish my hair was thicker and longer
32. I threw a snowball from about 75 feet and hit the face of a teacher
right as he was turning around
33. Steam bathing is the best way to relax and cleanse your body
34. Vicious and huge dogs terrify me
35. My husband says a lot of corny and eye rolling stuff
36. I hardly ever have cash on me anymore - I love the debit card
37. Being a passenger in a car puts me on edge
38. I do not like beets or peas
39. I can crochet and knit
40. Excessive cussing bothers me
41. Yelling disheartens me
42. I wish I had a Yupik style mink coat
43. Watching people slipping on ice makes me laugh
44. I would love to visit the northern part of Alaska
45. My favorite place in Alaska is Valdez
46. My favorite restaurant is the Pepperoni Grill in Oklahoma
47. I miss the restaurants in Oklahoma City
48. I’ve never ridden in a helicopter
49. I’ve seen a whale’s fluke (tail) going into the ocean
50. I’ve never had a manicure or a pedicure
51. Family Guy is sometimes hilarious
52. My favorite movies are Memoirs of a Geisha and Jerry MacGuire
53. Twix is my favorite candy
54. My dream vehicle is a Toyota Highlander
55. I do not enjoying shopping
56. I love receiving real mail, flowers, gifts and money
57. I sometimes delete forwarded email without reading them
58. I don’t like hearing a phone ringing off the hook
59. I don’t like the saying "Have a good one"
60. I’ve seen Green Day in concert
61. And Randy Travis and Alan Jackson
62. And Aaron Carter (with Kayla) and a few others, can’t remember their
names, George Jones
63. I’ve dismantled a beaver dam blocking a river with my dad
64. When people stare at me, I stare back at them, esp kids
65. I was at M-16 training when I heard about the September 11th attacks
67. I was walking into the Wood Center at UAF when I heard about Desert
68. My brother Oscar fought in Desert Storm
69. My first memory was going into Carrie Amik’s (Aranassaagaq’s) house and
she gave me Bazooka Bubble gum, I think I was less than or about 2 yrs old.
70. Over confident, cocky people irritate me
71. I love hearing uncontrollable kids laughter
72. I don’t like the word cacophony because I don’t know how its pronounced
and the word just bothers me
73. I wake up very grumpy from afternoon naps
74. I’ve been to Hawaii twice, Maui and Oahu
75. I need to thoroughly clean my entire house
76. I think people say "okey dokey" or "okey doke" on purpose because of my
last name
77. I’ve only gotten into a disagreement/grudge type thing only once with
my brother James my entire life and it didn’t last very long :)
78. I’m allergic to penicillin
79. I have a friend that grew up with a Mennonite family
80. I have visited the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC
81. I have never been bitten by a dog or any animal
82. My typing speed is about 70 words per minute
83. I have run out of gas going somewhere in my car (embarrassing!)
twice!!! (doubly embarrassing!)
84. I have laughed uncontrollably during a church service trying not to
laugh out loud more than a few times
85. When my 4 yr old gets mad at me, he says "I’m going to spell your name
wrong" or "I’m not going to like your shirt"
86. I’ve seen wild horses and wolves in Canada
87. I believe my prayers have been answered a lot of times
88. I enjoy looking at the stars at night
89. I think I’ve seen extraterrestrial objects in the sky - driving to
90. I’ve experienced tornados in Oklahoma City
91. I want to color my hair to a darker shade
92. I don’t like being the new person anywhere (work, groups, etc)
93. I have never utilized some kitchen gadgets I’ve acquired
94. Being put on speaker phone makes me uncomfortable
95. I’ve seen Aaron Rodgers, who is replacing Brett Favre, in person at the
NCO club at lunch today - he looked good!
96. I own a Zune and not an iPod.
97. I prefer generic type sodas but just grape, orange and black cherry
98. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you - is my favorite
99. I’ve had lasik surgery - I don’t miss wearing glasses or contacts
100. People should blow their noses instead of sniffling forever when
they’re around me

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JVAlt said...

what jeffreys says to you made me lol! so cute!